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  • Miata NA 89-97 NA (30mm) New Style Aero Fenders

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    Aero 30mm wide fenders 

    4 pieces (L&R Fenders with L&R add-on bumper cap) 

    Additional Info:

    Avoid tire rubs by getting these fenders. Don't mess up your  OEM fenders by rolling it!

    You can run 15x10 with 275/35/15 Hoosiers. No need for Spacer if you get that set-up. 

    We design the fenders to run the bumper cap to cover the front part area of the tires. The purpose of opening the rear is to release pressure inside the wheel well. It would be pointless to open the rear if you're just going to expose the front part of the tire (then we can't call it an Aero Fenders). In reality, the opening on the rear has to be taller than the tire and touching the inner wall of the fender so no air goes inside the door but goes directly outside of the wheel well. We will have an optional front bumper that will match these fenders for people that doesn't want to run the cap. It will also come with the built-in headlight buckets.


    All fiberglass item needs to be prep good before paint, installation is straightforward it's a replacement fender but you need to drill the marked holes. It is not pre-drilled. The installation of the front bumper to the fenders is a little tricky because the fenders are slightly wider than factory, but the OEM front bumper is flexible so you can pull it to match the fender. We made the tabs inside the fender that's usually bolted to a rod a little bigger for adjustability. This needs to be trimmed when everything is installed to avoid rubbing against the tires.

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