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  • Mazda MX-5 (89-97) One Piece Fastback (Skin Only Version)



    1. The Fastback is NOT Permanent, it is like OEM Hardtop, it is removable

    2. Anything that will fit inside the Soft Top and OEM Hardtop will fit inside the Fastback, and that answers the question on what  Roll Cage will fit on our Fastback.

    3. No special customization needed to install the fastback, it's installed very much like the regular hardtop.

    4. The trunk is a pull-out trunk, and not hinged for racing purposes. The trunk is fully usable, we were able to fit the stock tires with some more stuff inside and close it.

    5. The Polycarbonate Windows that will come with your Fastback is usually with Tint, but sometimes the manufacturer runs out of the Tinted one's, so it is possible that we may send you the Clear one.  We do not charge extra for Tinted once, Tint varies from light to Dark Tint, again we will send you what is available in the Market the time you order the product so we can't guarantee that you will get what you initially requested. 

    6. The only available Fastback is the FIBERGLASS SKIN ONLY Fastback it's a lightweight  fastback. We will remove the bracing to reduce weight, therefore the bottom part (where you can see from the inside of the car) will show the weave of the Fiberglass. We strongly advise (a MUST!) for our customer to use Roll Cage. Top must be pinned to the cage itself is a MUST!. This item is NOT for Looks and mainly use for  Off-Road use Only.

    7.  The fastback consists of the actual top + a trunk to complete the shape of the fastback. It will come in Black Gelcoat and just like any other fiberglass needs prepping, sanding before painting. This process will be expensive once you paint the top.

    8.  You have to use most OEM latches or we higly recommend to use Spec Miata bracket.

    9. You also need to get your own weather strip for the windows from the dealer,or if you want to save money, the soft top weather strip will also work. All the other seals are already on the car itself.

    10. The windows can also be water proof by,using window weld silicone from any automotive stores like Pepboys, autozone,or even home Depot.

    11. The frankenstein bolt will not be needed. You do need to drill two holes on each side of the trunk canal to bolt the edge of the fastback.

    12. You need to cut the trunk seal for the top to sit flush in the trunk area but, leave some strip to seal the trunk.

    13. You also need to transfer the OEM U-bolt from the OEM trunk to the fiberglass
    trunk for locking.

    ALWAYS REMEMBER: This is sold as an off-road use only and requires (a MUST!) a full cage in your Miata.  It will not protect you from flip-overs.  We will not be responsible for miss-use of this product.

    * approx. 32 lbs with regular top and trunk

    Top must be pinned to the cage itself is a MUST!

    Dimension with carton  L-62 x H-65 x W-18 Weight: 115 lbs.
    Dimension with carton International  L- 63 x H-67 x W-22 Weight: 130 lbs.
    Ocean Freight Dimension 130 lbs 47 CF

    Domestic Shipping:

    PRICE:  Will show upon check-out (Hawaii and Alaska will be extra charge)

    TRANSIT TIME: There will be up 4-6 months to make the product and not including transit time, shipping takes another 5-10 Days depending on your Location. Your Phone number is important so the Freight Company can call you when the package arrived at the destination warehouse and deliver to you.

    TAX: 9.0% to California Residence Only

    PICK-UP: Welcome and Free

    International Shipping:

    PRICE:  $450.00 - $950.00 (depending on Destination)

    TRANSIT TIME: 30 business days, and depending on your countries customs.

    DELIVERY TO HOME ADDRESS: is customers responsibility and this can be arranged at the Port for Extra Charge

    NOTE: Customer will pick-up at the Closest Major Port, customer is responsible for all Tax and Duties and any other fees you will incur once the item arrives at the port. We highly recommend to check with your local port authority, what charges you will get when you Import such products from USA.


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