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About the Designer Mike Burlas 

Mike Burlas knows a thing or two about designing functional aerodynamics. The owner and lead designer at Autokonexion—a fabrication company that specializes in body parts for Mazda’s famous roadster, the Miata—has been experimenting with composite materials and body lines for close to 25 years. He previously owned one well-known firm that bore his name, Burlas Racing Sports (BRS Auto Design), an outfit that produced race-proven wide-body kits for a number of years.

Burlas’ love affair with the low-and-wide look began in the 1990s, when he set out to really position his Toyota apart from the crowd. After coming up with a one-off fender flare setup, he was approached by several admirers of his handiwork and decided to mass produce his parts. This was how BRS (and later Autokonexion) was born.

Mike Burlas started Autokonexion to focus solely on the Miata/MX-5 platform. They began by making smaller fiberglass parts and eventually started doing bigger projects when the demand got high enough. The company is continually innovating (working with several race teams and aerodynamicists) and building unique products, hoping to one day be recognized as a trusted server of not only the Miata community but the entire car industry.

Autokonexion also works with different Fiberglass Companies to design and fabricate their products available in the market today.

Photos are some of Mike Burlas famous creation from the late 90`s to present.